Yeah, We are Back !

Guys, i know its been a long time since i haven't blogged the things in information sec. but if you see it was worth it. I got to learn some new things and some old one’s.

 Yeah, Hacker The Dude is Back with a Bang!!


But if you ask me why i was doing then i got no answer to you, Lets say i was on a Holiday. But the great news now is that we are back again to rock the as* out of the information security…


Its been over a month since the blog haven't been updated with fresh news and ass kicking news but now get ready to start over. Well i was away from the hacking stuff too, as a matter of fact, but hey you gotta learn new things.


Well i know i was being a dick and some of the things were going onn in the info sec world but we will cover them soon.



And yeah how can i forget about the Endor and Hax, i would be releasing them soon as BETA because of em are not so done to be out so you can use them. But that's why BETA’s are made.


I am really looking forward to Hacker The Dude, as its been 6 months in it and i have learnt many things and i have taught you guys also some of the cool things.


We have something special for you guys too, this is gift for you guys i made this as i was had some time and i wanted to try to jump in the big pool of machinima. So, i took my friends to try a new Halo CE mod and made this little Machinima.



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Soo, Lets roll


Happy Hacking @hackerthedude