Intel Website Hacked : Another SQL Injection From Unu

Intel Website HackedThis is kind of a luck because the amount of SQL injections are affecting the large website is just unbearable. This time the Hacker is one the best and my favorite hacker in the world "unu". unu have previously hacked some really popular website like The Wall Street Journal and Kaspersky Lab’s Websites.


I know this news is petty late as the Intel website was down near 23rd of December of 2009. which you can say about 1 week ago.But when the website was hacked, it was lead down and was showing a message of “investigating the matter.”


Not only is the website vulnerable to sql injection but it also allows load_file to be executed making it very dangerous because with a little patience, a writable directory can be found and injection a malicious code we get command line access with which we can do virtually anything we want with the website.



Upload phpshells, redirects, infect pages with Trojan droppers, even deface the whole website.


This is a kind of pity on the Intel security engineers,  but what can we do, if they don't pay to the security professionals....


Screenshots : Telling the Story

Screenshot tells everything, they reveal all the stuff and thus the story behind the hack of the Intel's website. Ok enjoy the story which is the based on the SQL injection.


Intel Website Hacked




Intel Website Hacked




Intel Website Hacked




Intel Website Hacked




Intel Website Hacked




The growing number of SQL injections are growing and there is a need to look at the security against the SQL injection vulnerabilities or websites like Intel will grow to the attacked and be attacked several times.


Happy Hacking @hackerthedude