iiScan : Security On The Cloud

iiScan the newly built tool for the pen testers is just cool as a cloud. This tool i pretty awesome as you can manage your security projects on a cloud and there are many surprises in it.

 iiScan : Security On The Cloud

What iiScan does is that, on the simple basis, you built and web App, it surely contains the Vulnerability in it, they found the vulnerabilities in them from Xss to Sql injections making it cloud, then you get the report of the vulnerabilities and then you can work on them or remove them.



iiScan provide a cloud-computing based security service which focus on web application security. With iiScan, you can get your web application assessed by iiScan expert and the only thing you have to do is clicking the START botton.


After that, a report contained all details of vulnerabilities or risks of your website will be sent to your mailbox. Then you can fix it and make your website safer.


Well you can register on their website and use the tool for your upcoming projects and web projects too...


iiScan can detect and test most Web Vulnerabilities without manual intervention :

  • SQL injection
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • File Upload Vulnerability
  • Information Leakage
  • Insecure Direct Object References

    Buffer overflow

    and many more ..




    The tool also have been very famous on twitter for few days between security guys. The tool is very powerful as it seem to be.


    The tool is easy to use, you can go there register and start your work. I have been looking forward to it and you should too.Your Website HealthCheck results will be emailed to you as a PDF report. You will receive a second and separate email with the password to open the PDF report.


    So what do you say about it.

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