HITB Ezine Issue 1 Released : Keeping Knowledge Free

Hack in the box and popularly known as HITB have released the new Ezine's for their magazine. The new ezine contains some of the major updates and to provide security researchers a new Outlet for the reading digests.


HITB Ezine Issue 1 Released : “Keeping Knowledge Free”


Set with the release on the New Year 2010, the new ezine covers some of the most popular and some of the interesting news for the security researchers and pentesters.  The Ezine which will be distributed in the [.pdf ] extension are freely to download and to publish also.


The Ezine in my views is a good initiative in the field of security. We haven't got the stats of the downloaded copies but as we will be updated, we will press it...



The contents are pretty awesome if you see from my eyes consisting of some of the arts of intrusions and some good articles.



As you can see in this above [pic] the contents are based on some of the intrusion terms like The Art of DLL injection, LDAP Injections . They seem to be best for hackers like us based on the crucial factor as they are made by some Security experts.


Decorated with some useful photos and diagrams these are some high quality magazines to look for and we hope that it is useful for other too.


So, What do you Think ?