Angelina Jolie and Barack Obama #1 Choice of Spammers [Report]

MacAfee inc have just released there monthly report on the most Spammed people in the world and this month was special as it is the 1st month of the new year 2010.

Angelina Jolie and Barack Obama #1 Spammed [Report]
There are many others also included in the report published yesterday and you care right the most obvious subjects for spammers are none other then the president of United States "Barak Obama" and one of the most beautiful Actress "Angelina Jolie".

“Free-hosting” websites to provide spam URLs have also become a major target for spammers in this arena. As this to me is obvious as most of us want Free-Hosting for our files and web space.

McAfee Labs™ Discovers and Discusses Key Spam Trends By Adam Wosotowsky and Elan Winkler.  Going Straight away to the reports lets look at the Top Most Spammed Actress in the world...

Top Most Spammed  Women's

 Top Most Spammed  Women's
Well if you ask me then its brutal, just see the no. of spam's around the Angelina Jolie there is. But if you see the reports of Oprah Winfrey then its just about the same of the Angelina Jolie.

Top Most Spammed  Men's

Top Most Spammed  Mens
The Figure looks pretty mind Blowing as you can see the no #1 is Barak Obama and then comes Michael Jackson. But As a matter of fact the No. of spam's for the Angelina Jolie just are very behind the number of spam's for the US president Barak Obama.

Its a shame, We nailed it XD


Whosoever is the #1 or #2 doesn't matter as the number of spam's are increasing around the world and the most of them are popular people's around the world from the Barak Obama to Angelina Jolie.

Looking at the fact that the Free Hosting is the one most added spam's. It will always be there as many people are now getting aware of the web services and most of them wants it free and that's how the spamming would goes.