WinScanX : A Simple, Fast and Portable Windows Auditing Tool

WinScanX is a state-of-the-art Windows auditing tool designed to help you get your Windows audit done quickly. It's easy to use and no installation is required.


WinScanX was released recently and its the one of the best resource released in 2009 . Its Fast, Simple, Portable and efficient tool for every security professional out there. Its really pa state of art tool.




WindScanX is released in two versions, one which is free to download and use and have some features in it which includes the GUI Front-End, Command-Line Interface, Easy-to-Use Reporting, Online Documentation etc and the other PRO version includes these and Quick Domain Audit, Multi-Host Scanning.


  Download WinScanX here                                         WinScanX ScreenShot Here


Windows Audit was created by Reed Arvin in order to provide the audit and security community with tools that are efficient and easy-to-use. These tools are designed to help minimize the time it takes to gather data in a security assessment so that more time can be spent doing what the computer cannot; analyzing the data to provide solid recommendations for identified security issues...


Screen Shot :




Command Line Usage :

WinScanX [-abcdefgpklijmnostqurxwyzSWv123] <hostname>

<username> <password>


[-abcdefgpklijmnostqurxwyzSWv123]  -- required argument

<hostname>  -- required argument

<username>  -- optional argument

<password>  -- optional argument


If the <username> and <password> arguments are omitted, this utility will attempt to establish a NetBIOS null session and gather information via the null session.


If the <username> and <password> arguments are both plus signs (+), the existing credentials of the user running this utility will be used.



WinScanX -1

WinScanX -2 + +

WinScanX -3 administrator password

WinScanX -3 domain\admin password


WinScanX -2 WINSERVER01 + +

WinScanX -3 WINSERVER01 administrator password

WinScanX -3 WINSERVER01 domain\admin password

WinScanX -1 192.168.1-254

WinScanX -2 192.168.1-254 + +

WinScanX -3 192.168.1-254 administrator password

WinScanX -3 192.168.1-254 domain\admin password

WinScanX -1 IPInputFile.txt WinScanX -2 IPInputFile.txt + +

WinScanX -3 IPInputFile.txt administrator password

WinScanX -3 IPInputFile.txt domain\admin password


The passwords that are attempted for each user account are included in the Dictionary.input file.


The following can also be used in the Dictionary.input file:


<username>   -- The name of the current user

<lcusername> -- The name of the current user in lower case

<ucusername> -- The name of the current user in upper case

<blank>      -- A blank or null password





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