Total Round Up For "Top 10 Sexy Hackers of 2009"

Well many of the guys have already guessed and made the list of the sexiest hackers in the world and i also know i am pretty late in this news but i know what made this more special is that many were satisfied and many infosec geeks wasn't. So i just thought to top-10-listmake a whole roundup of the lists.


1. Violet Blue’s list of the Top 10 Sexy Geeks.

2. Michael Dahn's list of Top 10 Sexy Infosec Geeks of 2009.


The long hour discussion nearly took down twitter for about an hour. Surely i wasn't in the list :( and see you should i always respect your seniors decisions and that's what i am doing.


People Who Made The Hackers Choices :

20.  Tammer Saleh

19.  Crystal Williams

18.  Brady Forrest

17.  Amanda Coolong


15.  Jack Dan8iel

14.  Angela Natividad

13.  Jacob Appelbaum

12.  Paul Carr

11.  Christopher Hoff

10.  Jeff Moss (Dark Tangent)

9.   Giannii Calvert

8.   Justine Aitel

7.   Amber Case

6.  Chris Wysopal (Weld Pond)

5.  Whit Scott

4.  Erin Jacobs

3.  Jiz Lee

2.  Dino Dai Zovi

1.  Katie Moussouris


Hope you all get the roundup of who made to the list and who didn't.

Note : This is for the sexiest hackers .