The Top Targeted Brands Of 2009 [Pic]

The Year 2009 is almost over and as we noted the whole year 2009 Is The Year Of Biggest Data Breach's Ever Says Forbes and The Years Biggest Security Breach for the year 2009, But the question which exhibits now is, which were the most targeted brands of this year 2009.


The Avira Tech Blog have released a new report based on there attacks by the cybercriminals. Which consist of the mostly targeted websites of 2009 and which might be in 2010.



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Well with dawn of 2009, some most vulnerably websites from the forefront of hackers are Paypal, Chase Bank, Ebay, American Bank … after 3 more there is facebook.
Yeah !, you are right ..


In December, the situation was changed: Now PayPal is the most phished brand (32205 unique URLs) followed from far away by the Chase Bank (25901 unique URLs) and Ebay (18738 unique URLs).


The Most Top Targeted brands are no other then Banks and some social media services come back to these banks.  Now what will be going to happen in 2010. Well we will cover all the news and Hacks just for you guys. So hang on with Hacker The Dude.



Be safe during the winter holidays and always write the address of PayPal and other online banks in the browser by yourself and never click on links in emails.


Happy Hacking Be Safe @hackerthedude