Team Viewer 5 Beta Released

The new version of Team Viewer is going to released soon, as its BETA version is out.en_widgets_video_audio
Company says it have some new features in which includes VoIP, webcam and application selection will give you an even better, easier and faster desktop sharing experience.


The new version of Team Viewer is being out after a long interval as it was also due to release of the Microsoft's major release of their next OS Windows 7.


But Officials are saying the new version is fully compatible with Windows 7 and can perform many tasks with Windows 7 as with other versions on Windows.

Some New Features Are :-windows7_s


1. Audio (VoIP) / Video.

2. Enhanced and Flexible Session Control.

3. Team Viewer Manager 5.

4. Additional New and Improved Functionalities.

5. Licenses, Updates and Downward Compatibility.