Process Hacker V1.9 Released

Process Hacker is a great tool or you can say a piece of software which acts as a more advance and more reliable software in front of default task manager. it creates a more detailed and a more understandable version of task manager.


You may remember we have earlier featured it in Process Hacker : Power Packed Task Manager, ok i know the spelling is wrong but don't worry about that we all are humans except the Google bot here :D.


Lets move on with Process Hacker, recently the people behind this software released the new Version of Process Hacker V1.9...


New Stuff :

  • Ability to set I/O priority for processes and threads
  • No more separate Assistant.exe executable required
  • Signature verification now works on x64
  • Now shows signer names (plus a Verified Signer column)
  • Added proper x64 support to structs reader
  • Added basic preprocessor to structs reader
  • WOW64 modules now appear in Handle/DLL searches
  • Small performance improvements
  • Editing object SACLs is now possible with KProcessHacker

Process Hacker runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, but certain functionality is only available on 32-bit systems, including: Bypassing rootkits and security software when accessing processes, threads, and other objects, Viewing kernel pool limits,Viewing hidden processes, Changing handle attributes, Viewing kernel-mode stack traces and many others.


Screen Shots :



graphs hxdef









      Process Hacker

      Main Language: C#

                      Total Lines of Code: 130,419

                      Active Contributors: 6

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Happy Hacking @hackerthdude