Hackers Now Attacking Swine Flu Patients – Fake Vaccines

Hackers are now attacking the Swine flu patients by sending fake messages of a free vacancies to the patience . Sending the virus through a Email and asking them to download it.


Researchers from security firms Symantec Corp and AppRiver said, "The email purports to be from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, directing them to what looks like an official government website to fill out a vaccination form."


swine flu 

The main aim of the hackers are to automatically download a software in the victims computer and which automatically installs in the system.

The software then makes the victims computer a spam server which then distributes the virus to others using the victims computers and this grows and grows.


Hackers typically base their scams on issues that are in the top news. Lately the attacks have been linked to Tiger Wood's car crash and the holiday shopping season.