Hackers Like Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome is just going out of the box after its first preview by the team at google’s bay. The newly released Google Chrome’s Source codes were in sight of hackers from the first day of release BETA version of Google Chrome. 



The most interesting thing to happen in this whole scenario was the released version of Google chrome was not happening to the hackers .


They wanted it to be Live , so it can be booted in seconds and would also really small in size so it could fit in a 1GB Thumb drive. Very soon it got torrented and hosted, courtesy of a geek celeb who goes why the name of Hexxeh.


The first build required 4GB, but a new and vastly improved ‘diet build’ is now available as a 300MB direct download, it extracts to a 950MB image that can run off a USB stick.The OS is also available as a torrent on PirateBay, and lots of other trackers…


The Google Chrome OS is set to release in March of 2010 but with the early release of the OS, hackers are all set to work on the upcoming OS to make it damn shit.


Hexxeh, who is also available on Twitter says that “In theory, we have even better compatibility that that chart suggests, that chart refers to compatibility on a fresh unaltered build. I’ve added the WiFi drivers from Ubuntu to this to try and fix the WiFi for people having issues.”


Kshitij Sobti reporting for Think digit.com has mentioned an interesting spin-off whose usability beyond just net books. “ChromeiumOS64 also features the Xen hypervisor, which lets you run Linux or Windows XP as a virtual machine within Chromium OS.” he said. A copy of the OS can be downloaded from: http:// chromeos.hexxeh.net



What’s more, support is vastly improved in the newer builds. The minimalist OS can do nothing other than browse the Internet, eliciting snide remarks from a Linux fan base.


“Basically you get a Linux OS that can do nothing but look at Web pages.”


But that misses the point.