FBI Is Watching You : Now On Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and More

Ok did anybody told FBI about Privacy stuff that we need to live on this planet Earth full of some officers who just want to piss of Hackers.


Ya, Its FBI they are taking a new strategy focusing on the social media for spreading the Information or something whatever in their mind. Here is what they say :

"Over the past few years we’ve rolled out a number of new web initiatives—including an e-mail alert service, syndicated news feeds, and a series of podcasts and widgets—that make it easier for you to help us track down wanted fugitives and missing kids, to submit tips on terrorism and crime, and to get our latest news and information."

We are moving forward on other social media fronts as well.

Where is FBI Till Now :

  • Facebook, where you can follow our news, check out our photos and videos, and become a “fan” of the FBI;
  • YouTube, where you can watch our videos and connect back to our main website for job postings and other content; and
  • Twitter, where you can receive our tweets on breaking news and other useful information....


FBI More On :

More widgets :

The new high-end widget was built using Flash, XML, and ActionScript and can be shared virally through social media websites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Blogger, says Michael Litchfield, the web developer who built it for the FBI. “I was excited to work on it and thought it was a great way to market the Bureau to a new generation.”
Visit There widgets page.


Fugitives at your fingertips :

A company called NIC—founded by an ex-law enforcement officer—has built a free “Most Wanted” iPhone and iPod Touch application based on our newest widget and fueled by our RSS feeds.


Virtual billboards and kiosks :

They are doing pilot tests in Second Life—a free 3-D world inhabited by millions of people worldwide—for virtual billboards and kiosks that show the mugs of our Ten Most Wanted fugitives and connect people to FBI jobs, there Internet Crime Complaint Center, and the wanted posters of cyber criminals.





Happy Hacking Be Safe @hackerthdude