Zero Day DoS Attack on Multiple Browsers across all OS’s By Pietro Oliva

Its a Totally new script founded by Pietro Oliva , an IT Student studying department of IT (University of Milan in crema) something.
For Security Reasons he have not yet published the script used in this Zero Day DOS Attack.

But we all can at least learn something from it.
He has used a Video tutorial for us to know more about this Attack and have also Said That it can hit any browser out there from IE, Firefox, Safari, Konqueror, Galeon, Midori to Seamonkey.

There are two parts of this video tutorial 1st is on Ubuntu platform and the other is on Windows Platform…

Video Tutorial With Ubuntu Platform

Video Tutorial With Windows Platform

Thanks Pietro Oliva

Ok we all should thanks him for his great effort :)
You can Visit his Website HERE 

Happy Hacking @hackerthedude