uTorrent 2 To Speed Downloading By Fixing ISP Throttling

There is a new buzz on the internet that BitTorrent to speed its downloading by fixing the ISP Throttling . The new version of uTorrent 2 will be optimized by the company in such a way that they are promising a new and rich downloading experience to its users. 

Years before Many ISP’s Have argued with the BitTorrent Inc. on the certain topic that with high number of BitTorrent connections are slowing down other applications and traffic, affecting its users download speed and their product quality. uTorrent_Logo

With this Argument the company Officials Answered,

ISPs have to invest in making their networks better and faster rather than stifling applications which consumers use and love,”

While encouraging users to switch to non throttling ISPs if possible, or complain to their ISP’s customer services.

What is Throttling ?

Bandwidth throttling is a method of ensuring a bandwidth intensive device, such as a server, will limit ("throttle") the quantity of data it transmits and/or accepts within a specified period of time.

For website servers and web applications, bandwidth throttling helps limit network congestion and server crashes, whereas for ISP's, bandwidth throttling can be used to limit users' speeds across certain applications (such as BitTorrent), or limit upload speeds.

*Source Wikipedia