Norton And Kaspersky On Commercial Fight For Security Suit’s 2010

When there is Cyber crime there are antivirus and after that there is a fight in betweennorton-vs-kaspersky-antivirus them. You all be knowing about the two most popular antivirus securities in the world i.e. Norton And Kaspersky.

As You have seen both provides a master security suits with them just as they both have launched there Internet Security Suits for the availing 2010.


HOT : Norton Internet Security 2010 Vs Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

Now lets start with Norton suit’s -


Norton Internet Security 2010 Commercial

First lets look at the Norton’s Strategies. Norton starts and basically focus on the cyber crime that the people face scams, hacking etc but certainly built a long advertisement with the help of following points…

1. Bank of Nikolai
3. Cyber Hunting
4. Chicken vs. Dokken (Allow)
5. Chicken vs. Dokken
6. Caterpillar vs. Kimbo
7. Caterpillar vs. Kimbo (Deny)

Its really funny.


Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Commercial

Looks like kaspersky is playing a lot these days. I think this commercial was built for more on focusing Virus as dangerous rather than Cyber – Crime as the Norton is focusing onn. But as seeing i feel it more amateur as they made it more of a kiddies commercial.

Also showing there power by showcasing Action Star Jackie Chan and the kaspersky’s Founder Eugene Kaspersky in the commercial.

Which One is Yours Favorite ?

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