Darren Kitchen On Hackers Vs Cyber Criminals [Video]

Darren Kitchen is Hacker and Host of a hackers show Hack5. He is well know hacker and is been in computer for a long time. well hack5 is video podcaster , which podcast video’s related to hacking. Its a really great channel for guys like us and the great thing is that there is always something new to learn there.Hak5

Now Lets talk about this Video in Darren Kitchen talks with the Discovery channel on the
way he thinks about the criminals and the Hackers.

He starts with saying that he is always been saying that “Hackers are not Cyber criminals”. – it touched my heart.…


Next Darren talks with the discovery channel is that he find Hacking is more fun rather that cyber crime. Its just those people who tend to hack and use them for some illegal functions against them.

He says hacking is a culture and those cyber criminals have ruined it all over they have been building since last.


So enjoy this video till then.

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