Spam your friend !!

This is not a new technique, it is also called E-Mail Bombing,zx9s06-w200-h200

Well its pretty awesome if you like it,


Its task is to bomb an E-mail ID or any other means of communication. but you can view its usage in many areas its really cool to hack your friends in minute just for fun.

well this works in major cases but in this posts i am gota be showing you a E-mail bombing software.


Just follow the follow these really simple steps :-

1. Download this E-mail bomber.


2. After downloading Run it.

3. Enter the victims Email address or if you want to hack your friend then enter his email address.

4. The Enter the Subject of the Bombing.

5. Then enter your email address  (only Gmail supported).  [ NOTE : Enter with suffix or it wont work. ]


6. Then enter your email password.

7. Enter the message you want to send to him.

8. Enter the number of messages you want to send to him.

9. Then hit Send.

10. You have successfully bombed your friend. ;)


That was easy.


This is one of a kind of email bomber you saw.bomb-w200-h200

there are many of these hack tools i gotta be discussing later.

if you want to wait you can wait.


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And get through the easy way , that's what hacking is all about.