PW Show : Revel passwords behind the Hashes

Hi guys,
HTD here yeah its been a quite 2-3 days i haven't posted any article but now we have one ;)assowd shw
Ok so lets go, this article focuses on PW Show V2.1

Well its a great software if you want to revel a passwords which are stored behind the hashes in system memory so you can use it. 

For example when you type "Username”and “Password”in the spaces provided on the login page then they are temporarily stored in the system temp memory which can be used to view the data aka “Password” and use it against the victim.



Steps :-

1. Download this   PW Show V2.1
* Password is “htd” [ Without Quotes ].
2. Extract the files and open “pwshow.exe” as shown here.

3. Now you should be able to to view the password using the software.
*remember to read the software notes.