Logon Warning hack

Have you ever been caught by a virus that shows a warning when you logon in windows,

Yeah i have a long back experience with that virus,

so what that's virus actually did so it can show that warning , well it did nothing then just a bit of code that is also know as Registry Hack.

Well this hack would able you to make such kind of virus so lets go for that :-

Follow these steps :-


1. Click on start menu or you can hit [ Window Key + R ].

2. A Dialog box will open i.e. Run Dialog box.

3. Type in [ Regedit ] and hit enter.

4. This will open Windows Registry Editor.

5. Now form left menu Navigate too

[ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon ]

*case sensitive.

6. In right pane, look for key by the name "LegalNoticeCaption".

  **If there isn't there then create a new [ String Value name "LegalNoticeCaption" ].

7. Type in value to whatever text you want to see displayed at login screen.

8. For example :- “Zombies ahead “  , “You have caught a virus. Shut down immediately” , “ you are Hacked “. Just use your Brain.


Now when the victim logons he will see this warning and he will be freaked.

That's when you have successfully hacked the victim.

Isn't it awesome.