Hacker The Dude v1.1

After a long time of sleep hacker the dude is back again with a bang
i have upgraded hacker the dude,
with some cool items to check out
if you haven't checked it ,
just check it out
Its Kick Ass^@!&#%..

And Some major updates to it,
you would find many things change here,
Some major updates are,

1.At last our HTD gets a face!    &@&
and here is it ………..Take A close look…:)

So What Do you say
Isn't it great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Hacker The dude gets a logo  
don't ever again look in to his eyes!

full logo
3. And we get comments with a new theme………

4.And now we make community on friends connect
please connect yourself on that bar….

5.And Hacker the dude is in BETA
its sad news but we can celebrate that too.

6.New theme,
hope you all like it,

7.And i guaranty you more posts in a week then never before.

8.Hacker the dude gets a Google page rank of 3!

9.Many more categories added as never before,
for ex….  Blogger hacks,Mac hacks,and many more

10.If you haven't signed up for newsletter then you have dine nothing in your life
So,Sign now
Its right to you see there ---------------------------------->

And now comments are welcome..