How To Run Mac On Your PC!

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There is a huge debate on Windows Vs Mac

A huge upside for mac is that you can run windows through boot camp on there system.
But how is this better then a Windows PC when you could install mac on it as a second OS.

 Follow the steps :- 

1. Go to Google and search for Kalyway download.

2. Once you have found a Kalyway download.
Download the ISO file and burn it to a blank DVD.

3. Restart your PC and at the bios select Boot from Cd

4. Follow the on screen instructions to install mac to your PC.

Make sure you create a second partition for the mac installation. Unless you could overwrite your whole windows installation.
When the installation has been finished reboot your computer. The Darwin boot loader should come up asking you if you would like to boot into windows or mac.

 Screen shots 

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