How To Know Your browser Info

Its very important to know about your browser as many Hackers of this time are aware of this kind of trick but many of us are not .
We need to find out how they actually do it .but let me first tell you that its impotant for us to know About Browsers because .

It will let us know how any person can know about us using an HTML page or a web page hence it will help us in some sense .

You can use in a sense to know not only your info but others as well by browsing to your tweaked page from there computer.
Today I will teach you abut how to make this into a reality.

So, Lets begin

1. I have prepared some HTML page or you can say web page for your help.
Click here To Download The Tweaked HTML page

2. Now, you have the tweaked web page.What you have to do now is to

3. You have to go to any FREE web hosting site and register there for a free web hosting

Its totally your choice for the web hosting you chose or are famillier with
(but i recommend
Give it Any name Of your choice like

4. Once you have registered you have to upload you HTML page and rename it to index.html

Go to file manager for 110mb

5. Now you are all done.

Now What you have to do is to browse to that Site and you are all done
you will get the whole info the browser of that computer,ip address,etc
You all know I allways welcome the comments

Happy Hacking