End An Non-Responding Task Or Virus Quickly

Many A times people asks me how to overcome a virus or any unresponding task quickly.

Its not easy to end any of the virus file but there are certain ways to end an unresponding task.
End An Non-Responding Task Or Virus Quickly...
Let me introduce you to my friend  Unlocker 

Unlocker is a specialised software for handling such problems where any of the normal computer user can get in trouble and making his computer shutdown or restarting it and getting huge trouble like fixing it.
Unlocker is a tool which will help you overcoming the scandalous Windows bugs...

It has four options for file handling:-

1. Kill Process (ends the program causing problems).
2. Rename (renames the file).
3. Delete (deletes the file).
4. Change Path (change the system path of the file).

I specially recommend to those users who have just owned a computer and dont know much about it.

You Can Download The Unlocker From

End An Non-Responding Task Or Virus Quickly...

There are also other ways to kill viruses or unresponding tasks that i will disscuss on later posts.